Friday, June 19, 2009

McGuiness on Missouri v. Holland

Margaret E. McGuinness, University of Missouri School of Law, has posted her forward to the symposium "Return to Missouri v. Holland." Her forward appears in the Missouri Law Review 73 (2008): 921-37. Here is the abstract:
This essay introduces the 2008 Missouri Law Review symposium, “Return to Missouri v. Holland: Federalism and International Law.” The foreword places the theme of the symposium in historical and theoretical context and introduces the articles by Professors Carlos Vázquez, Michael Ramsey, Edward Swaine, Peter Spiro, Paul Stephan, Julian Ku, Duncan Hollis, Paul Schiff Berman, Robert Ahdieh, and Ilya Somin, along with the keynote lecture, “The Internationalism of American Federalism, Missouri and Holland,” by Professor Judith Resnik.

Image credit: Martha, the last passenger pigeon