Thursday, December 17, 2009

Courthouse History, Maryland Style

The Wednesday on-line edition of the Annapolis, Maryland, Capital carries a story by the staff writer Scott Daughtery on the latest example of courthouse-based public history:
Built in 1824, the Anne Arundel County Courthouse has been expanded three times over the years to dominate an entire city block off Church Circle in Annapolis.Circuit Court judges have set legal precedents there in such areas as slavery, voter's rights and historic preservation. But until now, there was no place in the courthouse to memorialize that history.

"As wonderful as this courthouse is, and I think it is marvelous ... I've always thought that component was missing," Circuit Court Judge Nancy Davis-Loomis said Thursday at the grand opening of the courthouse's new museum. The museum's first permanent exhibit, called "Crossroads of the Community," focuses on the courthouse's place at the center of life in the county - both physically and figuratively.