Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Round-up

I reached my holiday destination before the "Blizzard of 2009" descended, so I had a brief chance to be snowbound, enabling me to catch up on various matters.

Randall Stephens of the Historical Society Blog has posted an interview with Hank Klibanoff, co-author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Race Beat: The Press, the Civil Rights Struggle, and the Awakening of a Nation. You can listen at the link here.

A belated happy 6th anniversary to Ralph Luker and Cliopatria!

Ralph's belated note about their anniversary reminded me that we missed the Legal History Blog 3rd anniversary on November 27. Nearly half a million readers and counting. Thank you for visiting!

Finally, holiday greetings to Ambrose Hofstadter Bierce, III, who has re-emerged from a long slumber.

Photo: Frank enjoys the "blizzard of 2009."