Sunday, April 4, 2010

Book review round-up

There have been several recent reviews of interest on H-Law:

Lacy K. Ford, Deliver Us from Evil: The Slavery Question in the Old South is reviewed by Peter Hoffer.

Malcolm D. Holmes, Brad W. Smith, Race and Police Brutality: Roots of an Urban Dilemma, reviewed by Jeffrey S. Adler.

R. B. Bernstein, The Founding Fathers Reconsidered, reviewed by Paul K. Longmore.

Philip Howell, Geographies of Regulation: Policing Prostitution in Nineteenth-Century Britain and the Empire, reviewed by Richard Cosgrove.

Virginia Crossman, Politics, Pauperism and Power in Late Nineteenth-
Century Ireland, reviewed by Cara Delay for H-Albion.

Sangmin Bae, When the State No Longer Kills: International Human Rights Norms and Abolition of Capital Punishment, reviewed by Debora Di Dio for H-Human-Rights.