Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 2013 issue of Law & History Review

The August 2013 issue of the Law & History Review is out. (I've included links, but they forward to content that is only available to subscribers.)

Mark Golub, Remembering Massive Resistance to School Desegregation

Helen J. Knowles, Seeing the Light: Lysander Spooner's Increasingly Popular Constitutionalism

Michael Schoeppner, Peculiar Quarantines: The Seamen Acts and Regulatory Authority in the Antebellum South 
Some highlights from the book reviews: R.B. Bernstein reviews Alexander Tsesis, For Liberty and Equality; Anders Walker reviews Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Courage to Dissent; Reuel Schiller reviews Joanna Grisinger, The Unwieldy American State; Steven K. Green reviews Sarah Barringer Gordon, The Spriit of the Laws . . .  and much more. 
Subscribers, check out the full issue here.