Friday, December 6, 2013

Seeking Host for Podcast Series on New Books in Law/Legal History

Historian Marshall Poe, author of several highly respected books on Russian history, is also the creator of experiments in the use of new media to propagate intellectual discourse.  Among these is his exciting online series, the New Books Network, which consists of hour-long podcasts of authors discussing their new books.  Poe recently interviewed me about Defining the Struggle, and it was a terrific experience.  He mentioned that he is looking for a new interviewer for the series “New Books in Law,” and would also be open to a series entitled “New Books in Legal History.”  This would be a terrific opportunity for someone interested in discussing new work with leading authors; the commitment is to approximately one to two interviews per month, conducted on the phone and audio recorded via Skype.  Poe handles all the technical aspects of producing the podcasts for online presentation.  Interested persons should contact Poe at