Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Blackstone Goes Hollywood": A Mark S. Weiner Production

Up on YouTube is former guest Legal History Blogger Mark S. Weiner’s video, Blackstone Goes Hollywood.  Mark explains that it is “a discussion of Blackstone's Commentaries with Wilfrid Prest of the University of Adelaide and Michael Widener, Rare Book Librarian at Yale Law School. How can Blackstone's life and legacy be understood not in strict chronological terms but rather in terms of plots drawn from standard Hollywood genres?”

Before viewing, you might ask yourself whom (living or dead) would you cast as Blackstone.  (Professor Prest gamely takes a stab at the question.)  Also, "Blackstone Goes Hollywood" for Twenty: Blackstone is like this movie starring Humphrey Bogart.  (Please state your answer in question form.)