Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Golieb Fellowships to Lebovitz, Seo

We have learned that New York University has selected the 2014-15 Samuel I. Golieb Fellows in Legal History. They are Adam Lebovitz and Sarah Seo.

Adam Lebovitz is Ph.D. candidate in Government at Harvard University. According to his Department bio, he "stud[ies] questions at the intersection of national security, emergency, and executive power. His current research interests center on the history of the executive in republican political thought, and the intellectual origins of the modern national security state."

Sarah Seo is a Ph.D. candidate in History at Princeton University, where she studies twentieth-century U.S. legal history.  Her dissertation, chaired by Hendrik Hartog, is titled “The Fourth Amendment, Privacy, and Cars in Twentieth-Century America.” It "examines the history of car searches to explore changing understandings of American freedom, autonomy, and privacy."

Congratulations to Adam Lebovitz and Sarah Seo!

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