Monday, May 19, 2014

Recent Additions to BC's Coquillette Rare Book Room

Coquillette Rare Book Room (Credit)
[We have the following from Laurel Davis, the Curator of Rare Books at the Boston College Law Library.]

I'm pleased to announced that there is a new exhibit on display in the Boston College Law Library's Daniel R. Coquillette Rare Book Room, featuring exciting new additions to our collection over the past few years. Some of our most intriguing additions are documents that came directly out of legal practice in the colonies and early America, illuminating the real people practicing and affected by the law. Many would be the source of interesting research projects. Some of my favorites: a 1746 Hatfield, MA complaint against a man named Medad Negro, identified as a black manservant, for burning down a barn; a recognizance for a 14 year-old boy accused of murdering an American Indian woman; a 1819 partnership agreement between two Boston attorneys; a 1819 letter from Joseph Story asserting the need for new bankruptcy legislation; new additions to our fabulous Francis Bacon collection; and much, much more. The exhibit will be on display through mid-August, so please wander in as the semester wraps up or during the summer. Selected images, descriptions, and a brochure can be found [here].!