Friday, May 2, 2014

Miller Center National Fellows Announced

The University of Virginia’s Miller Center has named its National Fellows for 2014-15.  Each will receive a one-year, $22,000 grant to complete "dissertations that explore the historical roots of today’s most pressing political issues. The fellowship also offers some unique guidance: it pairs fellows with a senior scholar in their field to serve as a mentor, and it encourages fellows to reach beyond the traditional boundaries of the academy by training them to write op-eds and to craft their scholarship for broader audiences."

The 2014–15 Miller Center Fellows are:

Betsy Beasley, Yale University (American Studies)
“Serving the World: Energy Contracting, Logistical Labors, and the Culture of Globalization, 1945-2008”

Judge Glock, Rutgers University (History)
“The Search for a Balanced Economy: The Origins of Federal Intervention in the Mortgage Market, 1916-1960”

Adam Goodman, University of Pennsylvania (History)
Project: “Mexican Migrants and the Rise of the Deportation Regime, 1942-2012”

Evan D. McCormick, University of Virginia (History)
“Beyond Revolution and Repression: U.S. Foreign Policy and Latin American Democracy, 1980-1989”

R. Joseph Parrott, University of Texas Austin (History)
“Reigniting the Liberation Fire: The Global Politics of Portuguese Decolonization, 1961-1976”

Emily Pears, University of Virginia (Politics)
“Chords of Sympathy: The Development of National Political Attachments in the 19th Century”

Mira Rapp-Hooper, Columbia University (International Relations)
“Absolute Alliances: Signaling Security Guarantees in International Politics”

David Reinecke, Princeton University (Sociology)
“Network Struggles: Re-wiring American Network Industries for Competition, 1970-2005”

Simon Stevens, Columbia University (History)
“Strategies of Struggle: International Pressure and the End of Apartheid, 1958-1994”