Monday, May 5, 2014

Sharswood Fellowship to Mayeaux

It's that time of year when we announce and congratulate the incoming class of legal history fellows. Last week we announced the Miller Center's latest group, which traditionally includes at least a few legal historians. Next on our list: we've learned that Sara Mayeux, who is currently finishing up a year at Harvard Law School as the Raoul Berger-Mark De Wolfe Howe Legal History Fellow, is headed to the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she will be the George Sharswood Fellow in Law and History.

Mayeux is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University, where she also earned her J.D. She writes about the development of American criminal law and criminal justice institutions. You can read more about her research here, at her website.

If you have other fellowship news to share, shoot us an email. We'll happily spread the word.