Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brazilian Congress of Legal History

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VII Brazilian Congress of Legal History, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lecture Rooms at the IHGB (Brazilian Historical and Geographical Institute), Avenida Augusto Severo, n. 8, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, September 1–5, 2014

The seventh edition of the Brazilian Congress of Legal History, promoted by IBHD (Brazilian Institute of Legal History), will take place, in 2014, in Rio de Janeiro, organized by UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro) and its post-graduation program in Law, and hosted in the lecture rooms of the traditional Brazilian Historical and Geographical Institute (IHGB). The event will be supported by many important institutions in Rio de Janeiro such as UFF (Federal Fluminense University), UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and PUC-RJ (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro), through their post-graduation programs in Law, as well as other Brazilian institutions, such as UFPR (Federal University of Paraná) and UnB (University of Brasília), also through their post-graduation programs in Law.

Established as one of the international scientific congresses with highest density in the academic area of research in Law in Brazil, due to the frequent massive presence of the most important names from Brazil and abroad, as well as being the main “locus” of presenting and divulging new historical-legal research (through Working Groups activities), in 2014 the congress will focus on the tradition of Private Law – be it in legal experiences in medieval or modern times, and, in Brazil, be it during Portuguese Empire, or during Imperial and Independent Brazil, or in Republican Brazil.   

Gustavo Silveira Siqueira (UERJ)                    Ricardo Marcelo Fonseca (UFPR)

As usual, the Brazilian Congress of Legal History will receive papers in the various theme areas of the historical-legal subject for presentation and discussion in GTs (Working Groups).
The accepted papers will be published electronically posteriorly.

To confirm the participation of the researcher in the presentation of papers it is necessary that his or her registration in the congress be confirmed.  Deadline for submitting papers: July 10th, 2014

Deadline for publishing accepted papers: July 20, 2014

Papers in English, German, Italian or Spanish should be sent to the email:

Registration fee: R$ 150,00

Researchers attending the VII Brazilian Congress of Legal History:

FOREIGNERS: António Manuel Hespanha (Portugal), Thomas Duve (Germany), Massimo Meccarelli (Italy), Giovanni Cazzetta (Italy), Cristina Vano (Italy), Marco Sabbioneti (Italy), Carlos Petit (Spain), Alejandro Aguero (Argentina), Ezequiel Abásolo (Argentina) Juan Carlos Frontera (Argentina), Carlos Ramos Nuñes (Peru), José Ramón Narváez Hernández (Mexico).

BRAZILIANS:  Airton Seelaender (UFSC), Alfredo Flores (UFRGS), Ana Lucia Sabadell (UFRJ), André Peixoto de Souza (UFPR), Andrei Koerner (UNICAMP), Antonio Carlos Wolkmer (UFSC), Arno Wehling (IHGB), Christian Lynch (IESP-UERJ), Claudia Roesler (UnB), Cristiano Paixão (UnB), Edson Alvisi Neves (UFF), Gilberto Bercovici (USP), Gisele Cittadino (PUC-RJ), Gustavo Cabral (UFC), Gustavo Silveira Siqueira (UERJ), Juliana Neuenschwander Magalhães (UFRJ), Luis Fernando Lopes Pereira (UFPR), Maria José Wehling, Monica Sette Lopes (UFMG), Ricardo Marcelo Fonseca (UFPR), Samuel Rodrigues Barbosa (USP), Sergio Staut Jr (UFPR), Thiago Reis (FGV-SP).