Thursday, June 26, 2014

Legal History on the Web: A Plea for Help

[We have the following "plea for help from the legal history community," from Edward J. Balleisen, Duke University, about his invaluable website.]

Some of you may have had occasion to make use of “Legal History on the Web,” a gateway to online resources related to legal history.  Several years ago, Mitch Fraas (then a Duke History doctoral student, now Curator of Digital Research Services and Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Forum at the University of Pennsylvania) and I put this website together, which includes annotated links to
Since the initial construction of the site, the links and descriptions have predictably crept more and more into the mists of the online past.  Some content has migrated or become unavailable; still extant sites have morphed in new directions.  This summer, Duke History doctoral student Ashton Merck is taking on the task of bringing the site up to date.

If you are responsible for (or even just know about) sites/webpages that require updates or that you think merit inclusion on “Legal History on the Web,” please send along the relevant information to: Ashton Merck at  It would be helpful if you could also send along suggested text for the annotation to the link, which needs to be short – just a few lines that convey what the site has to offer (see current annotations for examples). 

We especially would like current links to LEGAL HISTORY SYLLABI, as these are especially prone to disappear with time. 

Thanks in advance for your help in improving a community resource for scholars/students/aficionados of legal history.

Ed Balleisen, Duke University