Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Book Roundup

Here's a few book reviews, interviews, and excerpts that might be of interest to blog readers this weekend:

Public Books has a review of Terry Golway's Machine Made: Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern American Politics (Liveright).

New Books in American Studies has a new interview with Amy Stambach about her new book Confucius and Crisis in American University: Culture, Capital and Diplomacy in US Public Higher Education (Routledge).

New Books in History has an interview with David Williams, author of I Freed Myself: African American Self-Emancipation in the Civil War Era (Cambridge University Press).

On Salon there is an excerpt of The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest to Arm an America at War by A.J. Baime (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) titled "Henry Ford's reign of terror: Greed and murder in Depression-era Detroit."

There is also an excerpt of American Spring: Lexington, Concord, and the Road to Revolution by Walter Borneman (Little, Brown & Co.) titled "John Hancock and Samuel Adams' fascinating alliance: Family, economics and the road to the American Revolution."

Slate has a review of Serhii Plokhy's The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union (Basic).

H-Net has two new reviews of note. The first is a review of Neville Kirk's Labour and the Politics of Empire: Britain and Australia 1900 to the present (Manchester University Press).  The second is a review of The Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation: African Americans and the Fight for Freedom by Glenn David Brasher (University of North Carolina Press).