Monday, June 9, 2014

Harriet S. Shapiro, Harold M. Stephens and the DC Circuit

Harold M Stephens (LC)
Two new items are up on the website of the Historical Society for the District of Columbia Circuit.  The first is an oral history of Harriet Sturtevant Shapiro, who graduated from Columbia Law School in 1955–she was a classmate of ASLH Past President Barbara A. Black–and became the first woman attorney in the Solicitor General’s office when Erwin Griswold hired her in 1972.

The second is Strange Bedfellows: Judge Harold M. Stephens and the New Dealers in the Age of Administrative Law Reform, an article by Ronald Krock (Georgetown Law '14) on a DC Circuit judge's opposition to the Walter-Logan bill of 1939-40.  Mr. Krock’s article originated as a paper in my New Deal Legal History Seminar. [Stephens posed in the picture at right after reporters assured him that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was about to appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Instead, the nomination went to Felix Frankfurter.]