Friday, April 10, 2015

Studying Slavery through Court, Notarial, and Lawyers' Records

[The Allure of the Judicial Archives Workshop sends this announcement of a session to be held today in 1014 Tisch Hall, Department of History, University of Michigan.]

Studying Slavery through Case Files, Dockets, Lawyers' Papers, Notarial Registers, and Silences: A Discussion of Pre-Circulated Papers

Session 1: 10 to 11:00: Chez le notaire: Jean Hébrard and Rebecca Scott

Session 2: 11:15-12:15: Scraps of paper and puzzling legacies: Ada Ferrer and Sueann Caulfield.

Session 3: 1:45 to 3:15: What kinds of things might constitute a "judicial archive"?: Martha Jones, Ariela Gross, Hendrik Hartog.

Concluding Session: 3:30 to 4:30: Comments: Natalie Zemon Davis, Keila Grinberg, audience.

For access to the CTools website with the papers, please contact Terre Fisher ( For additional information about the event, please contact Rebecca Scott (

This workshop is sponsored by: The University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities; The University of Michigan Law in Slavery and Freedom Project; The Program in Race, Law & History of the University of Michigan Law School; The Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies.