Thursday, April 16, 2015

The English Legal Imaginary at Princeton

We have more news on The English Legal Imaginary, Part 1 (Princeton University) , Friday-Saturday, April 17-18, 2015:

Friday, April 17th

Opening remarks
Bradin Cormack and Lorna Hutson

Panel 1: Text, Learning, Interpretation
Chair: Lorna Hutson
Kathy Eden (English and Classics, Columbia): "Forensic Rhetoric and Humanist Education"
Margaret McGlynn (History, Western): "Readers, Readings, and Common Books in the Early Tudor Inns."
Barbara Shapiro (Rhetoric, Berkeley): "Law and the Evidentiary Environment"

Panel 2: Contracting Identities
Chair:  Bradin Cormack
Tim Stretton (History, St. Mary's): "Contract and Conjugality"
Luke Wilson (English, OSU): "Contracts, Promises, Obligations"

Panel 3: At Law's Margin
Chair:  Sarah Rivett
Alastair Bellany (History, Rutgers), "The Torture of John Felton, 1628"
Mary Nyquist (English, Toronto): "Slaveries and Liberties"

Panel 4: Law and Genre
Peter Goodrich (Cardozo Law): "Lucifugous Law: The Emblem Book and the Depiction of Jurisdiction"
Bradin Cormack (English, Princeton): "Case Thinking"
Sandra Macpherson (English, OSU): "Georgic and the Liability for Things"

Saturday, April 18th

Panel 5: Process and Exception
Chair: Kim Lane Scheppele
Paul Halliday (History, Virginia): "Birthrights and the Due Course of Law."
Bernadette Meyler (Law, Stanford): "Sovereignty, Pardoning, and Early Modern Drama"
Nigel Smith (English, Princeton): "Legal Agency as Literature in the English Revolution: The Canon Inverted"

Panel 6: Extended Sovereignties
Chair: Eleanor Hubbard
Henry Turner (English, Rutgers): "Corporations: Between Law and Literature"
Chris Warren (English, CMU): "The Wars of the British: Gentili, Henry V, and the History of International Law"

Panel 7: Jurisdiction: Temporal and Spiritual
Chair: Nigel Smith
Ethan Shagan (History, Berkeley): "Ecclesiastical Law and Ecclesiastical Polity"
Joshua Phillips (English, Memphis): "Immunities and Monasticism: From Bale to Shakespeare"
Jason Rosenblatt (English, Georgetown): "John Selden on Excommunication: Making Law and Recording it."

Panel 8: Jurisdiction: Constitutional Others
Chair:  Linda Colley
Lorna Hutson (English, St. Andrews): "'Impounded as a Stray': The English Legal Imaginary of Scotland in Henry V"
Daniel Hulsebosch (Law, NYU): "Floors, Mirrors, and Ceilings in the Legal Architecture of Empire"

Concluding Remarks
Moderators: Bradin Cormack and Lorna Hutson

H/t: Michelle McKinley