Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 Law & Humanities Interdisciplinary Junior Scholars Workshop

Congratulations to the scholars whose papers were selected for the 2016 Law & Humanities Interdisciplinary Junior Scholars Workshop!
Flight, Fright, and Freedom: The Criminalization of Black Boys at the Illinois Training School for boys at St. Charles, 1920-1950
Tera Eva Agyepong, Assistant Professor of History, DePaul University

Rethinking Fictional Characters in the Eighteenth Century Literary Commons
Matthew H. Birkhold, Ph.D. Candidate in German, Princeton University

Who Speaks the Culture of the Corporation?  Dissent in the Close Corporation After Citizens United and Hobby Lobby
Gwendolyn Gordon, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Vagrancy Law, Police Reform, and the Poetics of Surplus Population
Sarah Nicolazzo, Assistant Professor of Literature, University of California, San Diego

How Meat Changed Sex: The Law of Interspecies Intimacy After Industrial Reproduction
Gabriel Rosenberg, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, Duke University

The Josiah Phillips Attainder and the Institutional Structure of the American Revolution
Matthew Steilen, Associate Professor of Law, State University of New York at Buffalo

Spectral Legal Personality in Interwar International Law:  On New Ways of Not Being a State
Natasha Wheatley, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in International History, University of Sydney

Arresting Stories:  The Austrian Imperial Code and the Beginning of Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Literature (1811-1820)
Ofer Dynes, Ph.D. Candidate in Near Eastern Literatures and Civilization, Harvard University

Jim Crow Pragmatism:  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and the Legal Logic of Race
Hannah Wells, Assistant Professor of English, Drew University