Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Grotiana 38

Volume 38 (2017) of Grotiana is now out.   The journal, as Brill’s website explains,
appears under the auspices of the Grotiana Foundation. The journal’s leading objective is the furtherance of the Grotian tradition. It welcomes any relevant contribution to a better understanding of Grotius’ life and works. At the same time close attention will be paid to Grotius’ relevance for present-day thinking about world problems. Grotiana therefore intends to be a forum for exchanges concerning the philosophical, ethical and legal fundamentals of the search for an international order.

    Acceptilatio. Hugo Grotius on Satisfaction
        Johannes Magliano-Tromp
    Having Made Peace through the Blood of the Cross
        Eltjo Schrage
    Too Subtle to Satisfy Many: Was Grotius’s Teleology of Punishment Predestined to Fail?
        Jeremy Seth Geddert
    Punishment and Sovereignty in De Indis and De iure belli ac pacis
        Brad Hinshelwood
    Grotius and Kant on Original Community of Goods and Property
        Sylvie Loriaux
    Grotius, Necessity and the Sixteenth-Century Scholastic Tradition
        Bart Wauters
    Hugo Grotius in Dialogue with His Colleagues
        Lydia Janssen
    Pirating Mare liberum (1609)
        Mark Somos and Dániel Margócsy
    Adam Smith’s Unfinished Grotius Business, Grotius’s Novel Turn to Ancient Law, and the Genealogical Fallacy
        Benjamin Straumann
    Christian Wolff’s Lectures on Grotius’s De Iure Belli ac Pacis from 1739–1740
        Frank Grunert and Béla Kapossy