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Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 58: 3-4

The trilingual Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis /Revue d'Histoire du Droit /The Legal History Review is out with a new combined issue, Volume 85, Issue 3-4 (2017).  It includes a paper just posted to SSRN: The Court of Common Pleas of East Florida 1763-1783, by Matthew Mirow, Florida International University College of Law:
Legal historians have surmised that court records of the British province of East Florida (1763-1783) have been either lost or destroyed. This assumption was based on the poor conditions for survival of documents in Florida and statements made in the secondary literature on the province. Nonetheless, a significant number of documents related to the courts of British East Florida exist in the National Archives (Kew). These materials reveal an active legal culture using English law in a wide range of courts including (1) the Court of Common Pleas; (2) the Court of Chancery; (3) the Court of General Sessions of the Peace, Oyer et Terminer, Assize and General Gaol Delivery; (4) Special Courts of Oyer et Terminer; (5) the Court of Vice-Admiralty; (6) the Court of Ordinary; (7) the General Court; and (8) a District Court.

This article studies a portion of the documents related to the Court of Common Pleas to describe the nature of the court's practice in civil litigation. It closely examines three cases for which sufficient extant pleadings permit the reconstruction of the general contours of recovery for breach of a sales contract through an action of trespass on the case, for contract enforcement through an action of covenant, and for recovery of a sum certain through an action of debt. This small window provided by these cases into the activities of this court reveals a heretofore unknown world of English common law in North America during and after the American Declaration of Independence. This new information supplements and challenges our established understanding of colonial law in the revolutionary period and the use of law in the British Empire. This study illustrates the many opportunities these sources offer to legal historians of the period.
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Prijs Robert Feenstra – Prix Robert Feenstra – Robert Feenstra Prize
  pp.: iv–vii

Huldiging Liesbeth van Soest – Hommage à Liesbeth van Soest – Homage to Liesbeth van Soest
  pp.: viii–x

Offering hospitality to strangers: Hugo Grotius’s draft regulations for the Jews
Marc de Wilde  pp.: 391–433 (43)

Zur evictio in libertatem
Veronika Klenová  pp.: 434–473 (40)

The ‘generalis hypotheca’ and the sale of pledged assets in Roman law
V.J.M. van Hoof  pp.: 474–491 (18)

The New Temple
W.J. Zwalve and Th. de Vries  pp.: 492–521 (30)

A fragment of the Reforma das Ordenações de D. Afonso V
José Domingues and Pedro Pinto  pp.: 522–539 (18)

The Court of Common Pleas of East Florida 1763-1783
M.C. Mirow  pp.: 540–576 (37)

Civil mediation in imperial, republican and modern-day China
Peter C.H. Chan  pp.: 577–602 (26)

Medieval jurisprudence on international law
D. Fedele  pp.: 603–611 (9)

 Generale zekerheidsrechten in rechtshistorisch perspectief, written by V.J.M. van Hoof, 2015
D. Schanbacher  pp.: 613–628 (16)

 Nova ratione, Change of paradigms in Roman law, edited by B. Sirks, 2014
Laurent Waelkens  pp.: 629–631 (3)

[Book Reviews]

 Postmortale Privatautonomie und Willensvollstreckung, Von der kanonischen voluntas pia zur Gestaltungsmacht des Erblassers im deutsch-spanischen Rechtsvergleich, written by Lena Kunz, 2015
Jan Hallebeek  pp.: 632–633 (2)           

 Urkundenregesten zur Tätigkeit des deutschen Königs- und Hofgerichts bis 1451, Band 10: Die Zeit Karls IV. 1372-1378, herausgegeben v. B. Diestelkamp, 2014
P.L. Nève  pp.: 634–636 (3)

 Een proces van bloed, zweet en tranen! Juridisering van arbeidsongevallen in de negentiende eeuw in België, written by B. Debaenst, 2011
P.C. Kop  pp.: 637–639 (3)

Chronique: Amélie Verfaillie  pp.: 641–645 (5)

Ouvrages reçus  pp.: 647–648 (2)