Wednesday, January 3, 2018

SLS Conference Celebrating Gordon's "Taming the Past"

Next Friday and Saturday, January 12-13, 2018, Stanford Law School and the Stanford Center for Law and History will host a conference in honor of the publication of Robert Gordon's Taming the Past: Essays on Law in History and History in Law (Cambridge University Press, 2017).  

Participants include Amalia Kessler (Stanford Law), Norman Spaulding (Stanford Law), Sarah Barringer Gordon (Penn Law), John Fabian Witt (Yale Law), Laura Kalman (UC Santa Barbara History Dept.), Kenneth W. Mack (Harvard Law), William Simon (Stanford and Columbia Law Schools), Serena Mayeri (Penn Law), Jed Shugerman (Fordham Law), Lawrence Friedman (Stanford Law), Barbara Fried (Stanford Law),  Carol Rose (Yale & Univ. of Arizona Law Schools), Robert Weisberg (Stanford Law ), William Forbath (Texas Law School), Alison LaCroix (Univ. of Chicago Law), John Schlegel (Univ. of Buffalo School of Law), Tom Grey (Stanford Law), Claire Priest (Yale Law),  Susanna Blumenthal (Univ. of Minnesota Law), David Rabban (Texas Law), Hendrik Hartog (Princeton Univ. History Dept.), Reva Siegel (Yale Law), Christopher Tomlins (Berkeley Law ), Sophia Lee (Penn Law), Risa Goluboff (Dean, Univ. of Virginia Law), Sara Mayeux (Vanderbilt Law), Roy Kreitner (Tel Aviv Univ. Law), Ariela Gross (Univ. of Southern California Law), Kunal Parker (Univ. of Miami Law) -- and, of course, Bob Gordon.

The full program is available here.

To register (free, but limited availability), follow the link.