Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thank you, Ronit Stahl!

Our guest bloggers are hitting it out of the park in recent months, with wonderfully thoughtful posts about their work and our craft, as well hard-won tips for success. This post is to thank Ronit Stahl, who just wrapped up her sting with us. She wrote about:
  • Her book, Enlisting Faith, and the idea of the military chaplaincy as "a 'single, obvious example' of religion-state interaction."
  • How to structure and organize a big project, including how to use some "low tech tools."
  • The challenge of writing about bureaucracy in a way that interests someone other than me and Dan Ernst, and how to meet that challenge by sculpting lively prose
  • The challenges and benefits of writing a book as a post-doc -- "real talk."
Thank you, Ronit Stahl!