Saturday, April 14, 2018

Weekend Roundup

  • Over at JOTWELL's Property section, Shelley Ross Saxer (Pepperdine Law) has posted an admiring review of University of Virginia legal historian Maureen Brady's forthcoming article on "Damagings Clauses."
  • Also in JOTWELL, from the Intellectual Property section, Mark McKenna (University of Notre Dame) praises "The Article of Manufacture in 1877," by Sarah Burstein (University of Oklahoma).  The article appeared in Volume 32 of the Berkeley Technology Law Journal (2017).
  • Martha S. Jones, Johns Hopkins University, will deliver the keynote speaker at the Spring 2018 Commencement Ceremonies at the University of Michigan-Flint
  • “So you want to synthesize filmmaking with legal history? Davidson has a course for that": John Wertheimer’s "Filming Southern Legal History" seminar.  More.
  • Timothy Snyder's revelatory essay on Ivan Ilyin and his influence on Putin's Russia.  Chilling reading, after reports of Stephen Bannon's advice to the White House on executive privilege.
  •  Our friends at the Max Plank Institute for European Legal History have announced Legal Journals of the 19th Century (Juristische Zeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts).  It provides “online access to a vast collection of legal journals . . .   Seventy-five journals were selected, compiled in uninterrupted series, supplemented with structural and meta-data, and published.”  More.
Weekend Roundup is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.