Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Call for Contributors: Encyclopedia of the U.S. Justice System

Contributors are sought for The U.S. Justice System: An Encyclopedia, edited by Steven Harmon Wilson for ABC-CLIO. Here's the announcement:

The U.S. Justice System: An Encyclopedia will be aimed at advanced secondary school or undergraduate audiences. The encyclopedia will cover not only the federal system, but state and local jurisdictions, as well. When completed, the three volume USJS encyclopedia will consist of introductory materials and overview essays, an a-to-z reference (approximately 350 entries covering significant legal topics, individuals, organizations, and cases), a statistical section, a glossary, primary documents, and a general bibliography.

This publication will emphasize the history and contemporary function of civil and criminal justice systems. Essays and entries will describe how judicial institutions accomplish their work, and how they interact with people, organizations, and other branches of government (including law enforcement and administrative agencies) to impact law, society, culture, politics, and the economy. Scholars or professionals with an interest in the fields of American Legal and Constitutional History, Law and Justice, Government, and Political Science are encouraged to email the editor at the address below, in order to request a current list of projected topics.

Terms and more details are here. For more information, or to get involved, contact:

Steven Harmon Wilson, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Liberal Arts
Tulsa Community College-Metro Campus
909 South Boston Ave., Tulsa, OK 74119-2095E-mail:
Tel.: 918-595-7117