Tuesday, December 16, 2008

E-mail trouble

E-mail sent to me has been regularly getting caught in an overly ambitious spam filter. At least three messages sent during the past two weeks did not make it to me, and it is hard to know about others, or about how long this has been occuring.

If you have tried to reach me unsuccessfully by email, it is possible that I never received your e-mail. (Sometimes, unfortunately, it is simply due to an overloaded inbox that I can never keep up with! I am doing my best on that....)
I will work on solutions to the spam filter problem. In the meantime, don't be shy about resending an unanswered e-mail. If, however, your e-mail is about advertising or other commercial matters related to the Legal History Blog: this is not a for-profit venture, and we appreciate your interest, but are not taking those sorts of queries.
If you are a colleague trying to reach me, when in doubt there is always the old-fasioned, err...historic, method: the telephone.
: I've been able to recover incorrectly blocked mail since 11/26. In the future, thanks to my law school's helpful IT staff, we should be able to recover messages about a week after they get blocked.