Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quint on Currie on the German Constitution

Peter E. Quint, University of Maryland School of Law, has posted a short appreciation of the work of the late David F. Currie on the German Constitution, notably The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (1994). Quint's essay, David Currie and German Constitutional Law, appears in German Law Journal 9 (2008): 2081-2094. Quint aptly writes of Currie (a revered teacher of mine at the University of Chicago Law School):
Particularly in his later work, Professor Currie became an important legal historian, tracing the history of the American Supreme Court and the history of constitutional debates in Congress in six comprehensive volumes. His interest in constitutional history--and his evident conviction that this history has strong illuminating power for the present--also comes through very clearly in his work on the German Constitution.
Update: It turns out that Quint's article is part of a symposium issue of the German Law Journal, devoted to Professor Currie's work.