Sunday, May 10, 2009

Call for Papers: History of American Rights

[I'm moving up this post on SFSU's conference on "Rights," as the deadline of May 15 is almost upon us. In a recent post on H-Law, Chris Waldrep explains that the conference "is geared toward promoting the teaching of the Constitution."]

San Francisco State University has circulated the following call for papers for "a conference exploring rights in American history":
The conference will meet on the campus of San Francisco State University on September 17 and 18, 2009. Rights, both individual and collective, have long been a theme in American history, often seen in conflict with governmental power. We welcome papers on assertions of rights by insurgent groups, resistance to rights claims, and governmental efforts to suppress or promote rights. Our goal is to examine the place the history of rights occupies within the larger American history narrative.

We invite proposals from graduate students and established scholars on topics dealing with the history of rights--broadly defined--covering all time periods.

The deadline for submission of proposals, consisting of an abstract(s) and a one-page c.v. is July 1, 2009. [sic. The due date of May 15 is in the more recent H-Law post.] Complete panels or individual paper proposals will be considered. Send your proposal to Christopher Waldrep, Department of History, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California 94132. Alternatively, you can send your proposal as an e-mail attachment to
Hat tip: H-Law.