Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miller Center Fellowship Conference

[I'm moving this up, as the audio and vidoe of the manuscript review of Balogh's Government Out of Sight is now available here.]

The Miller Center for Public Affairs of the University of Virginia is webcasting live and then archiving its annual "Fellowship Conference," to be held May 7-8, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The fellows will present and mentors and others will comment at four sessions: Foreign Aid and Incorporating Foreign Nationals; Instigating and Consolidating Regime Change; Region and Empire; and Political Impact of Mass Media. In addition, the 9:30 session on May 8 will be a manuscript review of Brian Balogh's A Government Out of Sight: The Mystery of National Authority in Nineteenth-Century America (Cambridge, 2009), noted previously here. Hugh Heclo, Clarence J. Robinson Professor of Public Affairs at George Mason University, and Julian E. Zelizer, Professor of History and Public Affairs at Princeton, will provide comments. The program will be webcast live and archived here. More information.