Friday, May 29, 2009

New work on Lincoln and on historians and conservatism

For your Friday (since I have two panels coming up at the Law & Society meeting this weekend), here are a couple of interesting items from Ralph Luker at Cliopatria. Ralph's dependable daily blog posts are the best place to go for breaking news about historical scholarship.
Ari Kelman, "Lincoln's legacy," TLS, 27 May, reviews Philip B. Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt and Peter W. Kunhardt, Jr., Looking for Lincoln: The making of an American icon, James Oakes's The Radical and the Republican: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the triumph of anti-slavery politics, Eric Foner, ed., Our Lincoln: New perspectives on Lincoln and his world, and Barry Schwartz's Abraham Lincoln in the Post-Heroic Era: History and memory in late twentieth-century America.

A. W. Purdue, "Politics filtered by the past," THES, 21 May, reviews Reba Sofer's History, Historians, and Conservatism in Britain and America: From the Great War to Thatcher and Reagan.

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