Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brilliant, Kang, Kornbluh and more in the latest issue of California Legal History

The 2012 issue of California Legal History is out, and it is full of good stuff. Of particular interest: the papers from last fall's ASLH panel "The Golden Laboratory: Legal Innovation in Twentieth-Century California":
Mark Brilliant, "From Integrating Students to Redistributing Dollars: The Eclipse of
School Desegregation by School Finance Equalization in 1970s California."
S. Deborah Kang, "Implementation: How the Borderlands Redefined Federal Immigration Law and Policy in California, Arizona, and Texas, 1917–1924."

Felicia Kornbluh, "Turning Back the Clock: California Constitutionalists, Hearthstone Originalism, and BROWN V. BOARD."
The full issue appears to be available here, at the website of the California Supreme Court Historical Society.