Monday, February 18, 2013

Cromwell Fellowships in American Legal History

[We have the following announcement for the Cromwell Fellowships in American Legal History.]

In 2013, the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation will make available of a number of fellowship awards intended to support research and writing in American legal history. The number of awards to be made, and their amounts, is at the discretion of the Foundation. In the past four years, the trustees of the Foundation have made three to five awards, in amounts up to $5,000. Preference is given to scholars at the early stages of their careers. The Society's Committee for Research Fellowships and Awards reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the Foundation. (The Cromwell Foundation was established in 1930 to promote and encourage scholarship in legal history, particularly in the colonial and early national periods of the United States. The Foundation has supported the publication of legal records as well as historical monographs.)

In 2012, Cromwell fellowships were awarded to:
Anne Fleming, PhD Candidate, History, Univ. of Pennsylvania, "City of Debtors: Law, Loan Sharks, and the Shadow Economy of Urban Poverty, 1900-1970"

Hidetaka Hirota, PhD and Postdoctoral Fellow, History, Boston College, “Don’t Give Me Your Huddled Masses: Pauper Deportation and the Origins of American Immigration Policy”

James Allison, JD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; PhD Candidate, History, Univ. of Virginia,  "Sovereignty and Survival: American Energy Development and Indian Self-Determination"

Ryan Johnson, PhD Candidate, History, Univ. of Minnesota, “Enemies of the State: Knowing, Producing, and Policing Anarchism in the Making of the American National Security State, 1901-1921”

Suzanne Kahn, PhD Candidate, History, Columbia University, "Divorce and the Politics of the Social Welfare Regime, 1969-2001"
Application Process for 2013

Cornelia H. Dayton of the University of Connecticut is the chair of the Society's Committee on Research Fellowships and Awards, with members: Bruce Mann (ex officio, ASLH President), Harvard University; Felicia Kornbluh, University of Vermont; Victoria D. List, Washington and Jefferson College; William E. Nelson, New York University; Kunal Parker, University of Miami; and Victoria Saker Woeste, American Bar Foundation.

Applicants should submit a description of their proposed project (double-spaced, maximum 6 pages, with working title), a budget, a timeline, and a short c.v. (no longer than 3 pages). (There is no application form.) Two letters of recommendation from academic referees should be sent directly to the Committee Chair via email attachment. Applications must be submitted electronically (preferably in one .pdf file) no later than July 15, 2013.

Successful applicants will be notified after the annual meeting of the Cromwell Foundation, which normally takes place in the second week of November. An announcement of the awards will also be made at the annual meeting of the American Society of Legal History in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL, November 7-10, 2013.

To apply, please send all materials to the chair of the Committee: