Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Roundup

  • Following on the heels of his essay in the latest issue of the Law & History Review, Al Brophy has posted some additional thoughts on "applied legal history." Follow the link.
  • Brian Harris, QC, has published Tales from the Courtroom.  “Told by a retired barrister, the tales in this book illustrate the role of the law in resisting oppression, whether from robber barons or modern governments. Selected for their intrinsic interest, the tales highlight lessons concerning the nature of justice and the diversity–sometimes the unknowability– of human conduct.”
  • The Sacramento Bee's reprinting of Stanford Law's press release on the recent hiring of Bernadette Meyler is here.  It reads in part: "'Bernie's research spans almost the entire range of the humanities, examining intersections between law and history, literature, drama, philosophy, and political thought. At the same time, she is a talented lawyer, who is deeply engaged with the complexities of modern-day constitutional law doctrine and policy,' said Stanford Law School Dean Elizabeth Magill. 'We are all thrilled to welcome her to the faculty.'"

    Read more here:
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