Thursday, February 21, 2013

Univ. of Michigan Legal History Workshop Schedule, Winter 2013

The University of Michigan Legal History Workshop, run by Martha S. Jones and William J. Novak, has distributed its Winter 2013 schedule:
Leigh Ann Wheeler (credit)
February 5.  Al Brophy. University of North Carolina Law School.  “University, Court, and Slave: Proslavery Thought and Jurisprudence in the Old South.”

February 19.  Leigh Ann Wheeler. Binghamton University.  “'Are You Free Read, See, and Hear?': Creating Consumer Rights Out of the First Amendment, 1940s-1060s.”

February 26.  Felice Batlan. Chicago-Kent Law School.  “Gendering Legal Aid: Lawyers, Social Workers, and the Poor, 1863-1960.”

March 19. Karen Tani. UC Berkley Law School.  “Administering Citizenship: The “Indian Problem” in the Age of the Federal Grant.”

Paul Brand (credit)
March 26.  Paul Brand. All Souls College, Oxford.  “Cui in vita sua contradicere non potuuit: Husbands, Wives and Power within the Family in Thirteenth Century England.”

April 2.  Christine Desan. Harvard Law School.  “Making Modern Money: Producing the Private as a Matter of Public Design.”

April 9.  Steven Pincus. Yale University Department of History.  “The Interventionist State: Wars and State Formation in Britain and its Empire.”
April 16.  Elizabeth Hinton. University of Michigan Department of Afroamerican and African Studies and Society of Fellows.  "Urban Policy as Crime Policy: The End of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration and the Rise of the Modern Carceral Complex."
The Michigan Law Legal History Workshop meets Tuesday afternoons, 4-6 pm, at the University of Michigan Law School, 0220 South Hall, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The workshop is open to faculty, students, and scholars. Papers are circulated in advance and are available from Dara Faris (