Monday, February 4, 2013

Harvard's Legal History Workshop

Here's the lineup for the spring semester in the Legal History Workshop at Harvard Law School, which meets from 5-7 on Thursdays and is directed by Tomiko Brown-Nagin and Kenneth Mack.

February 7:   Sabeel Rahman, Reginald Lewis Fellow, Harvard Law School (Griswold 110),  “Democracy, Markets, and Expertise: Financial Regulation in Historical Perspective”

February 28:   William Forbath, University of Texas School of Law (Griswold 110), “Jews, Law and Identity Politics”

March 7: Sophia Lee, University of Pennsylvania School of Law (WCC 2012), “’We Were Not Antagonistic to Collective Bargaining”: Forging a Liberal Workplace Constitution in the Courts”

April 4: Peter Pihos, Berger-Howe Legal History Fellow, Harvard Law School (Griswold 110), "Who Controls the Police? The Law and Politics of Police Brutality in Chicago"

April 11: Mary Bilder, Boston College School of Law (WCC B010), “Madison’s Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention”