Friday, February 8, 2013

Jerusalem Legal History Workshop

The Jerusalem Legal History Workshop, moderated by Adam Hofri-Winogradow, has announced its very impressive line-up for the Spring semester.  It meets Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00 PM, in Room 119, Law Building, Mt. Scopus Campus.  For more information contact Professor Hofri-Winogradow at adam.hofri [at]

March 12, 2013: Shai Secunda, The Hebrew University: The Iranian Talmud: The Evolution of Rabbinic Law in  its Iranian Context

March 19, 2013: John Langbein, Yale Law School: Why Trial Vanished: The Diverging Paths of Criminal and Civil Justice

April 9, 2013: Anat Rosenberg, Interdisciplinary Center: Varieties Of Liberalism: Nineteenth-Century Contract Between Law, Novels and History

April 23, 2013: Jim Jaffe, University of Wisconsin: The Imagined Panchayat during the Long Nineteenth Century

April 30, 2013: Efrayim Ya'acov, The Hebrew University: Yemenite Jews' Understanding of Islamic Law

May 7, 2013: Ajay Mehrotra, Indiana University, Maurer School of Law: The VAT Laggards:  A Comparative Fiscal History of U.S. and Japanese Resistance to the Value-added Tax

May 21, 2013: Guy Seidman, Interdisciplinary Center: The Regulation of Going Abroad during the First Decade of Israeli Independence

May 28, 2013: Rande Kostal, University of Western Ontario: 'The Destruction of Philosophies': Allied Planning for the De-Nazification of German Law, 1944-45

June 4, 2013: Ronni Weinstein, The Hebrew University: Rabbi Yosef Caro and Modern Law - the Beit Yosef and Shulkhan Arukh Project

June 11, 2013: Noga Morag-Levine, Michigan State University: Facts, Formalism, and the Brandeis Brief: The Origins of a Myth

June 18, 2013: Amalia Kessler, Stanford Law School: Inventing American Exceptionalism: The Origins of American Adversarial Legal Culture, 1800-1877