Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dorsett and McVeigh on Salmond and the Persona of the Jurist

Shaunnagh Dorsett, University of Technology, Sydney, Law, and Shaun McVeigh, Melbourne Law School, have posted The Persona of the Jurist in Salmond's Jurisprudence: On the Exposition of 'What Law is...,” which appeared in the Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 38 (2007).  Here is the abstract:   
If Sir John Salmond is taken as being an inaugural or founding father of not only a law school, but also of a New Zealand jurisprudence, two questions arise: What might have been inherited from Salmond's jurisprudence? And, How might that inheritance be received today? This article offers a response to these questions by considering Salmond's jurisprudence in terms of a conduct of life organised around the office and persona of the jurist.