Friday, May 3, 2013

Klerman on Teaching English Legal History

Daniel Klerman, University of Southern California Law School, has posted Reading, Writing, and Questions in Advance: Teaching English Legal History.  Here is the abstract:
This short essay describes and explains a teaching method with four key elements: (1) telling students in advance the questions to be discussed in the next class, (2) requiring some students to submit written answers to the questions before class, (3) assigning only short, primary source readings, (4) banning laptops, recording classes, and distributing PowerPoint slides. This method enhances the quality of class discussion and helps students appreciate the importance of careful reading of primary sources. With minor modifications, this method can also be used for modern law classes.
Professor Klerman's essay points readers to his personal website, on which, if you click the "Legal History" button, you may find materials relating to his course.