Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Roundup

  • Scott Douglas Gerber, Ohio Northern University Law, discusses his plans for his second book, which will take up "British American colonies and Comparative Subnational Constitutionalism," on I-CONnect.
  • "Not Dick Whitney!"  Thus spake FDR upon learning of the defalcations of the haughty Wall Street financier and fellow Grotonian, news of which which delivered the New York Stock Exchanges into the hands of William O. Douglas's SEC.  Whitney now has a biography: Malcom MacKay's Impeccable Connections.  To see what the shouting was about, consult, via the website of the SEC Historical Society, newsreels of Whitney riding high and low.
  • Earlier we noted the publication of Edward Cavanagh’s Settler Colonialism and Land Rights in South Africa. We now learn that it will have a launch at The Space, 139 Bank Street, Ottawa, on the evening of Thursday, June 6.
  • From the Caribbean Journal: “How did English colonial law develop into the legal system of Jamaica today, and what has that meant for Jamaica’s development? A new book by attorney and law professor David P. Rowe attempts to answer these questions, examining the history of Jamaica’s constitutional jurisprudence and its relation to the country’s maturation over the decades.  Aspects of Jamaican Constitutional History, co-authored by Rowe and University of Miami School of Law graduates Niyala Harrison and Jason Frederick Emert, takes a look at the history of Jamaica’s political economy through the lens of the constitution."