Friday, May 24, 2013

Signposts for an Alternative History of Human Rights

Recently published is the collection of essays, Human Rights from a Third World Perspective:Critique, History and International Law, ed. José-Manuel Barreto (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013).  Part II, “Signposts for an Alternative History of Human Rights,” consists of the following essays:

"Imperialism and Decolonization as Scenarios of Human Rights History," by José-Manuel Barreto

"Las Casas, Vitoria and Suárez, 1514-1617," by Enrique Dussel

"The Dual Haitian Revolution and the Making of Freedom in Modernity," by Anthony Bogues

"Love, Justice and Natural Law: On Martin Luther King, Jr., and Human Rights," by Vincent W. Lloyd

"Human Rights, Southern Voices: Yash Ghai and Upendra Baxi," by William Twining