Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lind's "Lincoln's Suspension of Habeas Corpus"

Douglas Lind, the Law Library Director and Professor of Law at the SIU School of Law,has published Lincoln's Suspension of Habeas Corpus: The Pamphlet Literature and Congressional Debate
The public debate held via pamphlet literature as a result of Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus and the subsequent Merryman case is often cited in analysis of the modern balance of executive powers in wartime as pertaining to civil rights. The congressional debate produced several failed attempts to authorize a continued wartime suspension of the writ and indemnify the President. This sourcebook contains the text of most of the pamphlets and other fugitive items, arranged chronologically and with an introduction discussing the author’s main points. The work also includes an annotated chronology of all procedural measures associated with the various pieces of legislation from the 37th Congress, with the complete texts of speeches and debates to allow researchers to analyze the competing arguments.
The work was recently awarded the Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographic Award by the American Association of Law Libraries.  The table of contents is here.