Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Symposium on the History of EU Law

We've already noted the appearance of one symposium issue of Contemporary European History on the history of the European Law.  Another symposium is the 28:5 (2013) of the American University International Law Review.  We've previously some contributions to the AU symposium.  Here it is, with links, in its entirety:

Critical Legal Histories in EU Law
Fernanda G. Nicola

Rewriting the History of European Public Law: The New Contribution of Historians
Morten Rasmussen

Toward a New History in European Law: New Wine in Old Bottles?
Michelle Egan

The New EU Legal History: What's New, What's Missing?
Mark A. Pollack

Rethinking the Legal Foundations of the European Constitutional Order: The Lessons of the New Historical Research
Francesca Bignami

Why EU Legal History Matters--A Historian's Response
Bill Davies