Friday, November 22, 2013

Legal History at SSHA: Day 2

Greetings from the annual meeting of the Social Science History Association, where there is lots of legal history to be found. Here are some of today's offerings (if I've missed anything, please use the comments section below to alert our readers):

Unfamiliar narratives of undocumented immigration: New perspectives on belonging and exclusion
Dorothee Schneider -- Chair, Discussant
  • Grace Delgado, The Sexual Self: Morals Policing at North American Borders, 1875-1910
  • Libby Garland, Naturalization Fraud in the Era of U.S. Immigration Quotas
  • Amalia Pallares, Undocumented Activism, Immigrant “worthiness” and access to citizenship
Book session: Eileen Boris and Jennifer Klein, Caring for America: A Conversation on Home Care Workers, Race, Gender, and the Welfare State
Leon Fink  -- Chair
Kimberly Morgan -- Discussant
Nancy MacLean -- Discussant
Cynthia Cranford -- Discussant
Karen Flynn -- Discussant
Eileen Boris -- Author
Jennifer Klein  -- Author

Negotiating Anew National Legislation and School Reform in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Michelle Purdy -- Organizer, Author
Samuel Byndom -- Chair
Hilary Moss -- Discussant
  • Erika Kitzmiller, Youth for Hire: Accelerated High School Programs, 1941-1946 
  • Michelle Purdy, National Legislation, Liberalism, and Independent Schools in the 1960s
  • Gail Wolfe, From Informal Exclusion to Formal Inclusion: Grappling with the “Old Bugaboo about Unwed Mothers in the Classroom” in Chicago in the Era of Ordway v. Hargraves and Title IX 
 Book Session: Doctors and Demonstrators: How Political Institutions Shape Abortion Law in the United States, Britain and Canada, by Drew Halfmann  
Ziad Munson -- Discussant
Zakiya Luna -- Discussant
Drew Halfmann -- Creator, Organizer, Author
Isaac Martin -- Chair, Discussant
Drew Halfmann  -- Author
Southern Law  
Tamara Myers -- Network Rep, Creator, Organizer
Barry Godfrey -- Chair, Discussant
  • Megan Francis, The Strange Fruit of the Solid South 
  • Brent Campney, "'I Am Not Going to Tolerate the Slightest Foolishness': Police Resistance to Lynch Mobs and the Police as an Instrument of Violent White Supremacy
  • Amy Kate Bailey and Stewart Tolnay, Characteristics of Female and White Male Southern Lynch Victims: 1882 - 1929
  • Christopher Muller, Land, Labor Mobility, and Racial Inequality in Convict Leasing in the Postbellum U.S. South