Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LSA Essay Competition on Future of Socio-Legal Studies

The Law and Society Association has posted the following announcement:
We invite junior scholars around the world with new and innovative ideas to submit them to the LSA Project on the 2nd Half Century. The winning submissions will be posted on the LSA website and authors invited to present their ideas at the 50th Anniversary Meeting in Minneapolis MN May 29-June 1 2014. Winning authors will receive a substantial subsidy to cover the cost of participation and a year’s free membership to the Law and Society Association.
The competition is organized by the LSA Project on the 2nd Half-Century, which was created on the eve of LSA’s 50th Anniversary to stimulate discussion about the future role of the Association. We invite junior scholars to submit short essays on the following theme:
What is the future of socio-legal studies, what new possibilities exist, and what innovations should the Law and Society Association consider as it enters the 2nd Half-Century?
Essays must be in English. They cannot exceed 2000 words. They could consider use of new technologies, new ways to build scholarly networks, new training initiatives, and other innovations. Successful essays may include assessment of present LSA activities as well as proposals for innovation.
More information is available here.