Friday, November 22, 2013

LPBR Reviews 4 Supreme Court Histories

The Law & Politics Book Review is out with a new batch of reviews. Items of interest include:

  • Frank J. Colucci (Purdue University Calumet) reviews THE REHNQUIST COURT AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE (Lexington Books), by Christopher E. Smith, Christina DeJong, and Michael A. McCall. 
  • Artemus Ward (Northern Illinois University) reviews SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IN THE UNITED STATES: THE ROAD TO THE SUPREME COURT (Rowman & Littlefield), by Jason Pierceson.
  • Benjamin O. Arah (Bowie State University) reviews FLAGRANT CONDUCT: THE STORY OF LAWRENCE v. TEXAS (W. W. Norton & Company), by Dale Carpenter.
  • Ronald Kahn (Oberlin College) reviews A STORM OVER THIS COURT: LAW POLITICS, AND SUPREME COURT DECISION-MAKING IN BROWN v. BOARD of EDUCATION (University of Virginia Press), by Jeffrey D. Hockett.