Monday, November 18, 2013

UMD Seeks Assistant Director, Justice & Legal Thought in Law and Society Program

Via H-Law, we have word that the University of Maryland is accepting applications for the position of Assistant Director, Justice & Legal Thought in Law and Society Program:
• Help students identify practical experiences that support their academic program, e.g, internships and research opportunities
• Advise students regarding their scholars program requirements (working with their personal transcripts)
• Represent Law and Society and/or participate in College Park Scholars program-wide activities, such as admission and recruitment, summer orientation, Service Day, Citation review, and monthly meetings
• Participate in teaching of the colloquia of Justice and Legal Thought (CPJT) as well as 3-credit MLAW courses.
• Administrative responsibilities ranging from program administration, preparing reports,and supervising employees, to helping with website
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
• Knowledge of contemporary legal thought with evidence of research interests in the history or philosophy of the law, practice of the law, or other disciplines related to justice and legal thought
• Demonstrated commitment to undergraduate education
• Skill as an effective mentor and innovative teacher, with demonstrated interest in out-of-classroom experiences, multidisciplinary pedagogies, and in the value of a liberal arts education
• Excellent writing, oral presentation and computer skills
• Proficiency in program budgeting
• Excellent interpersonal skills, e.g., ability to work with graduate students, undergraduates, professors as well as staff and community partners in diverse classroom and out-of-class settings
For more information, follow the link.