Sunday, November 24, 2013

Legal History at SSHA: Day 4

It's the final day of the annual meeting of the Social Science History Association, and there are a few more panels of interest to note:

Credit, courts, and conflict
Peter Meyer -- Network Rep, Creator, Organizer
Mark Geiger -- Network Rep, Discussant
Brandon Dupont -- Chair
  • Qian Lu and John Joseph Wallis, From Partisan Banking to Open Access
  • Paul McLean and Neha Gonda, Household-to-Company Networks and Consumer Credit in Renaissance Florence
  • Metin Cosgel and Bogac Ergene, The Selection Bias in Historical Records: Settlement and Trial in Eighteenth Century Ottoman Kastamonu
  • Camilo Leslie. Toward a sociology of trustworthiness: A study of U.S. and Venezuelan investment in the Stanford Financial Group fraud

Histories of Policing and the Policing of History
Brendan McQuade -- Creator, Organizer, Chair, Author
Alfred McCoy -- Discussant
  • Kelvin Santiago, Domestic Law-Enforcement Armies and Global Military Cops: Theorizing and Historicizing Such Convergences
  • Brendan McQuade, The Homeland Security Era: Insurgency, Austerity and the Politics of Policing
  • Josef Teboho Ansorge, Data-Mining the Foe
  • Kristene Unsworth, Law Enforcement and Social Media

Book Session: The Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Left by Landon Storrs
Thomas Dublin  -- Discussant
Dolores Janiewski -- Creator, Chair, Discussant
Nancy MacLean -- Discussant
Landon R. Y. Storrs -- Discussant, Author