Thursday, November 21, 2013

Legal History at SSHA: Day 1

Today I head off to the Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association. I'll try to post panels of interest from each day of the conference. Here are some from today's schedule that caught my eye (I'm sure I've missed some, so feel free to post other items of interest in the comments section):

Legislation and Lives: Factors moulding the fate of the disabled in the 19th and 20th centuries
Marie Clark Nelson -- Creator, Organizer, Author
Sasha Mullally -- Network Rep, Chaiar
Geoffrey Hudson -- Discussant
  • Helena Haage and Lotta Vikstrom, Disabled and Excluded? Marital Chances among Individuals with Disabilities in 19th Century Sweden.
  • Sofie De Veirman, Breaking the silence. On social networks and institutionalization of the hearing impaired. A case study of East-Flanders, Belgium, 1750-1950.
  • Dustin Galer, Through My Parents’ Eyes: Family Advocacy and the Pursuit of Disability Rights in Canada, 1960-1980 
  • Gareth Millward, ‘Not the Official Survey’ – disability organisations’ attempts to inform policy makers, 1965-2013 
  • Marie Clark Nelson, Tuberculosis and Disability: Legislating Invisibility

Comparative studies of tax policy regimes
Ajay Mehrotra  -- Network Rep, Creator, Organizer
Philip Thai -- Chair, Discussant
  • M. Antonio Guzman, Tariffs and Land Taxes: Revenue Extraction by American and Japanese Empires in their Sugar Colonies, 1890s-1930s 
  • Antonia Strachey, The Political Economy of Famine in World War Two India: Fiscal Policy

Family crises related to changes in legislation
Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux -- Organizer, Chair
Mary Louise Nagata -- Discussant
  • Beatrice Moring, Women, law and property transmission in the Nordic countries (16th-20th centuries) 
  • Gerard Béaur, The French Revolutionary crisis and gender relations of powers in countryside families 
  • Marius Eppel, The crisis of confessionally mixed families in Transylvania as linked to the provisions of the ecclesiastic legislation (19th-20th centuries) 

Legacies and Predecessors of the Civil Rights Movement
Melissa F. Weiner -- Network Rep, Creator, Organizer
Christopher Hayes -- Discussant
Matthew Nichter -- Chair
  • Robert Jefferson, 'The Veterans' Angle': Vasco Hale, Disability, and the NAACP's Struggle for Fair Housing in Hartford, Connecticut, 1951-1955"
  • Herbert G. Ruffin II, Brothers Taking Action: African American Soldier Activism from Fort Hood 43 to People’s Justice Committee, 1966-1971
  • Umeme Sababu, Radical Redemption of Dr. King's Legacy: From 1963 to 1968
  • Judith J. Friedmm, Civil Rights Activity did not start in ther 1960s: Civil Rights in an Ohio City, 1920-1960s

Collective Action and the Law
Michael Fortner  -- Network Rep, Organizer
Shaun Ossei-Owusu -- Discussant, Chair
  • Sarah Lakhani, Immigrant Screening on the Legal Frontlines: Lawyers’ Case Selection in Non-Profit Settings
  • Paul Knepper, Interwar studies of trafficking in women and the dark figure of international crime
  • Gwen Jordan, Radical Women and the Development of Legal Aid Societies in Chicago and Los Angeles, 1886-1914
  • Gregoire Mallard, Conjuring Horror in Nuclear Treaties: The Place for Catastrophic Events in International Legal Narratives