Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Republics at War

Palgrave Macmillan has published the collection of essays Republics at War, 1776-1840: Revolutions, Conflicts, and Geopolitics in Europe and the Atlantic World, which was edited by Pierre Serna (Université de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and Director of the Institut d'Histoire de la Révolution Française), Antonino De Francesco (University of Milan, Italy), and Judith A. Miller (Emory University).  The press explains:
This book places itself at the intersection of two fields of study—military history and political ideologies—in order to investigate the troubling links between warfare and republicanism during the Revolutionary era. This international team of historians probes the dynamics of nations born of revolutions, and the violent confrontations that erupted as republicans carried their principles beyond their borders. The collection presents fresh work, including articles by scholars who have not previously published in English. Their wide-ranging inquiries highlight the impact of war on slave emancipation in the Caribbean and the United States, as well as the attempts to impose republicanism through warfare in Ireland, Italy and Spain. They trace debates in theaters, diplomatic communiqués, and conscription strategies to understand the meaning of war in the name of a republic. Together, the contributions reveal the profound, often damaging, and sometimes liberating consequences of those combined military and political undertakings.
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List of Maps
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Map 1. Italy in 1797
Map 2. The Caribbean in 1789
Introduction; Pierre Serna
1. The American Origins of the French Revolutionary War; Antonino De Francesco
2. In Search of a Glorious Peace? Republican Diplomats at War, 1792 – 1799; Virginie Martin
3. Can a Powerful Republic Be Peaceful? The Debate of Year IV on the Place of France in the European Order; Marc Belissa
4. Theobald Wolfe Tone's Mission to France 1796 – 1798; Sylvie Kleinman
5. A 'Black Declaration of Independence'? War, Republic, and Race in the United States of America, 1775 – 1787; Marie-Jeanne Rossignol
6. The Army of the Republic: New warfare and a new army; Annie Crépin
7. A Patriotic School: The Recruitment of the Italian Legion in France, 1799 – 1800'; Katia Visconti
8. From Individual to Collective Emancipation: War and the Republic in the Caribbean during the French Revolution; Frédéric Régent
9. Fratricide: Tragic Brothers, Masculine Violence and the Republic on the French Stage, 1799; Judith A. Miller
10. War and Citizenship: Central Italy, 1798 –1799; Bernard Gainot
11. The Strength of Weapons, the Strength of Opinions: Counter-Revolution in the Papal States, 1790 – 1799; Mario Tosti
12. International War, National War, Civil War: Spain and Counterrevolution, 1793 –1840; Pedro Rújula