Friday, April 20, 2012

DC Area Legal History Roundtable at CUA

This semester's meeting of the DC Area Legal History Roundtable was hosted by the Catholic University of America.  A press release explains:
As is true with many subjects, delve a little deeper into the history of the law and one is sure to unearth the unexpected, the controversial, the little-known, and the theoretically fascinating.
All of these facets of legal history were on display on April 13 as the Columbus School of Law hosted the annual  “D.C. Legal History Round Table,” an informal gathering of legal historians from around the country.
Organized by Catholic University law professors Geoff Watson, Ken Pennington, Cara Drinan, Megan LaBelle, and Sarah Duggin, the event drew about 25 participants and featured four presentations. In past years, most of the presenters have been local academics. This year, the D.C. Roundtable seemed to evolve into  more of a nationwide attraction.