Monday, April 30, 2012

Law & History Rev. (May 2012): Weinrib, Steedman, Stein, and more

The May 2012 issue of the Law & History Review is out. Here are the articles (full access is limited to subscribers):
Laura Weinrib (University of Chicago), "The Sex Side of Civil Liberties: United States v. Dennett and the Changing Face of Free Speech."
Carolyn Steedman (University of Warwick), "At Every Bloody Level: A Magistrate, a Framework-Knitter, and the Law."

Joshua Stein (UCLA, PhD, Yale Law School, JD candidate), "Privatizing Violence: A Transformation in the Jurisprudence of Assault."

David G. Barrie (University of Western Australia), "Anglicization and Autonomy: Scottish Policing, Governance and the State, 1833 to 1885."

Jeffrey S. Adler (University of Florida), "'The Killer Behind the Badge': Race and Police Homicide In New Orleans, 1925–1945."

Stefan Slater (independent scholar), "Lady Astor and the Ladies of the Night: The Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the Politics of the Street Offences Committee, 1927–28."

Ian C. Pilarczyk (Boston University), "'So Foul A Deed': Infanticide in Montreal, 1825–1850."  (Pilarczyk's article is here.)
Stay tuned for coverage of this issue's book reviews.